Refund Policy

You agree that the purchase of this Pay Per View show/event Ticket is final. Pay Per View Tickets are non-refundable, and non-returnable except at TDN TV’s sole and absolute discretion.

If TDN TV decides to grant a refund, the ticket holder will receive a reversal of the charges on their credit card.

TDN TV is receptive to granting a refund based only on the following reasons:

1. If a broadcast (or a particular artiste/show/event you intended to watch) is cancelled, or rescheduled.

2. If there are disruptions to the live stream provided that:

A) it is determined to be the fault of TDN TV, its equipment, and/or the Broadcast Partners and it is universal to all viewers at the time.

B) it lasts for the duration of the show being streamed and the viewer notifies our support staff of the problem on the same day/night or within 48 hours with evidence of stream failure. Partial refunds for unused portion if you watched at least 30 minutes of the stream with no problem.

C) If you contact our tech support and we’re unable to solve the problem.

D) You must request a refund either on the day of the show or within 48 hours, once you realize the stream won’t work for you, you must also prove the video didn’t work by taking a screenshot or photo while on the paid content page showing that the video isn’t working. Once you’ve taking your screenshot logout and request a refund via email [email protected] attach the image as proof that the stream failed.

If you stay logged in on the paid content page and you do not send evidence that the stream did not work a will only be granted the stream failed for all other users as well or if the event was canceled. If no refund can be granted we’ll give you either store credit, or Free access to the on-demand version of the event (if available or permitted by the event owner) or a DVD of the same. For more information call 617-329-9434.

Read our full terms of sale/service here