2. What is your refund policy?

TDN TV is receptive to granting a refund based only on the following reasons:
1. If a broadcast (or a particular artist/show/event you intended to watch) is cancelled. In case of a rescheduled show a refund will be given as store credit and you can watch the event when it happens.
2. If there are disruptions to the live stream provided that:
A) it is determined to be the fault of TDN TV, its equipment, and/or the Broadcast Partners and you prove it didn’t work for you.
B) The problem is universal to all viewers of that particular stream.
C) The problem persists for the duration of the show being streamed and the viewer notifies our support staff of the problem on the same day/night or within 48 hours with evidence of stream failure. Partial refunds for unused portion if you watched at least 30 minutes of the stream with no problem.
D) All efforts to fix the issue were exhausted including efforts by TDN TV tech support.

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