4. Why do interruptions, or “hiccups,” sometimes occur when I watch the video stream?

1.)The number one cause of buffering is poor network connectivity. This may be a problem with your network or may be caused by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) being overloaded. This is especially likely during peak usage hours.

2.) If you experience excessive buffering after 15 seconds to 1 minute, your firewall may be blocking streaming traffic.
To fix the problem, try updating your firewall’s firmware. For instructions on how to update your firewall’s firmware, contact your firewall vendor/developer.
They should be able to assist you with your firewall settings for optimum usage while keeping you safe online.

3.) You might also want to check your Antivirus settings see if it’s blocking, you can test that by temporarily disabling the antivirus program and reloading the stream. (We assure your our site free of spam and harmful code).

Is my Internet connection fast enough?
You need a broadband internet connection.

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